Ghost City Folks

Even as a ghost
you have a mission..

2D - Digital Game

Third Semester Project

Team members: Karolin Krüger, Viviane Friedländer, 

Philippe von zur Gathen, Julia Hein

Genre: Storydriven Puzzle Adventure

Development Time: November 2017 – January 2018

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Language: German Website: Ghost City Folks

As a ghost, you must maintain the balance of the living and ghost worlds by finding out the relationships of the villagers with each other. 

The inhabitants that belong together can either live on in the real world or you kill them with a certain object so that they can happily exist in the ghost world. 

In the end, the player has unlocked one of three ends.

My Role in this Project:

  • Level Design

  • Environment Artist

  • Storytelling