What belongs to reality
and what is imagination?

3D - Digital Game

Fourth Semester Project

Team members: Myriel Chantal Schigiol, Manuel Arabadzic, 

Mascha Camino, Zoë Koc, Julia Hein

Genre: 3D Walking Simulator, Low Poly

Development Time: April 2018 – Febuary 2019

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Language: German / English

Itch.io Website: Zalost

As a little girl named Jel, you live alone with your mother on an old farm. Everything was wonderful, but after your mother has disappeared without a trace, you have to solve three trials with the help of your storybook to find your mother.

These trials take you into the mental world of Jel and you will see how she deals with the whole situation.

My Role in this Project:

  • Environment

  • Level Design

  • Recording

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